Instructions for use

Using LINUS® Vineyard Poles – tips that bear fruit

The distance of four to five metres between one LINUS® Vineyard Poles and the next should not be exceeded. We recommend a shortening of this distance for use in high-wind areas. LINUS® Vineyard Poles should be hammered into a minimum depth of 70 cm. When positioning the LINUS® end-pole, ensure that it is placed at an angle of 45° - 60°, and that it is knocked in 20 cm deeper than the other LINUS® Vineyard Poles in the row. Double-anchoring to secure the end-post is also recommended. This will ensure even greater stability for the row of vines concerned.

Useful tip: You can use LINUS® protective caps on both stainless-steel and plastic-covered wire.

LINUS® Vineyard Poles are designed for easy hydraulic insertion into the ground. Drill a hole first, before inserting into stony ground. LINUS® Vineyard Poles can also be driven in easily and quickly with a manually-operated ram.